Elite Direto XR 2021 is better ant+ or BLE?

Hi everyone. I recently bought an elite direto xr. If I connect it with ant + every now and then it loses the signal even if I put the usb key at 50 cm from the trainer. I read that the ant + connection is to be preferred over the bluetooth one, is it true? I read that with the bluetooth connection you could have problems with the watt count. The bluetoot I think is more stable and it is more difficult that I lose the connection but I have yet to try. what do you advise me to do?

Try. Some have better connection via Ant+ and some via BT. Depends on trainer, computer, and pause of the moon.

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Many things can interfere with the signal. You might need to move things around to get other devices and equipment a few feet away from the ant+ dongle and extention cable. Fans can interfere, so make sure your fan is on the opposite side of the room, etc…

I also read that WiFi (2.4ghz) can interfere with ANT+ depending on the channel.

Also, some USB ports don’t always provide the correct power, or a very long extension cable could also be a problem. My PC is a few meters away, next to the TV.
I bought myself a powered USB hub, with a very long extension cable connecting it to the PC, and the ANT+ stick plugged into the USB hub.

For the Bluetooth or ANT+ question - I prefer ANT+, at least for Zwift. If I use Bluetooth to connect, at least on my Android tablet, if there is a dropout then I need to go into the menu, disconnect and reconnect.

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If I post the logo file can you understand if it is a problem due to the ant + key or if it is the roller? Sometimes it happens to me that I also lose the signal of the heart rate and the external sensor garmin ant + of the pedal counter.

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BLE and ANT+ both use the very crowded 2.4 GHz band, so there is a lot of things that can cause issues. We have an article dedicated to helping with this, so please check “BLE vs ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips”. It lists things that affect each connection type, then lists the things that affect both. I hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you on the roads of Watopia!

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Drop it in zwiftalizer.com and look for signal issues.

I have the new Direto XR connected via BLE, after about 90 min it disconnects from Zwift and all measure go to 0. when i pull out the power cord from the trainer and plug it back in, everything restores immediately. Itrainer is only a month old, any ideas?

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If using a Windows PC/laptop, switch to Ant+ with a USB adapter
If using a Mac PC…I think you can use Ant+ but not sure what adapters are required
iPad/iPhone…see Mac PC although BT should work better…but I am Android
ATV…connect everything through your phone using the companion App
Android tablet…god help you…

I personally use Windows laptop and Ant+ 99% of the time with maybe one crash every 6 months…just to let me know it is not perfect. I occasionally use ATV and once I relocated it to within BT range I have had no problem with my H3.

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I have a Direto X connected to a Mac via an ANT+ USB stick with an extension cable. Not had a dropout in the past 5 months since switching to this system.

Originally Zwifted using BLE and would get occasional dropouts using the inbuilt BT adapter.

Hi Adrian, can you please send link to exact product what you use “ANT+ USB stick with an extension cable.” I have problem to connect via Bluetooth to a Mac and looking for some better solution. Thanks.

Hi Marek,

You need an ANT+ USB dongle/adapter, and then a USB extension cable to get the ANT+ dongle as close to the trainer as possible. Mine is a 3m one. You can get both bits cheaply from, e.g. Amazon. The links below go to the Amazon Canada site so your products may be different.

My USB dongle isn’t listed now but a generic one should work:


For the USB extension cable I got this:


In the Zwift pairing screen pair the trainer (power source and controllable) as FE-C and you are good to go.

I use SUITO of the same maker.
I am snapped when I use the music application during Bluetooth connection.

I think that such a problem has less ANT+.