Ant+ vs Bluetooth

Which type of connection to PC do you recommend ?
Is there any difference when ride in ERG mode because the BLE standard is faster?

I use Bluetooth, I’ve used Ant+ in the past, but misplaced the Ant+ dongle, and bluetooth is built into the network card in my laptop

Using both ANT+ and BLE I could not find any difference. Tacx Neo, P2M NG eco powermeter, PC with ANT+ or BLE dongle (placed max 30 cm from trainer/powermeter).

I have used both and found no difference in speed. I prefer ANT+ because I find it more stable.

I prefer BLE over ANT because the resistance changes are more responsive, it’s very noticeable on rolling terrains like titan’s grove and watopia’s sprint (the esses), using ANT there’s a delay and with BLE it’s very smooth (both with USB extension cable and the stick very close to the trainer). I don’t use ERG though, can’t tell if there’s any difference in this case.

But it may be something with my trainer (Elite Suito) and not with the protocol itself, I never used a different smart trainer.

Ant+ is, for me, a stronger, more stable signal. I have Garmin dongles from years ago. Most of the time BT is more responsive but recently I have noticed lags on incline changes, long enough that I had to check I was still not on Ant+. I use a laptop with builtin BT…I will say that older laptops, BT is awful which is why I used Ant+. My “new” laptop is now 3 years old (I7-10750H) and is stable enough I do not not need to use Ant+.

this is what i find too, across multiple different trainers and PCs/laptops

I also find erg mode much better with bluetooth

I like to have both. One is the built-in Bluetooth in my laptop, and the other is a US$19 Coospo ANT+ dongle (includes extension lead). Sometimes software or trainer bugs create a reason to switch. I find pairing is quicker with ANT+ and when everything is working properly that’s the only difference I notice.