Getting rid of lag - which is better Ant+ or Bluetooth LE?

I’m Zwifting using a Tacx Neo connected to my Windows PC using an ANT+ dongle on a USB extension cable - however I still suffer from appreciable input lag - i.e. it takes my avatar a good few seconds to react to changes in power input from pedaling - which is really annoying!

Does anyone know if this problem would be any better/worse if I bought a Bluetooth dongle for my PC and connected via Bluetooth instead?



I’ve heard that with other training software that supports Bluetooth on Windows, the Bluetooth interface is much more responsive and thus realistic than ANT+. Unfortunately, Zwift doesn’t currently directly support Bluetooth through a PC.

Maybe give Trainer Road or some other software a try to see what impact it makes. If you like it, then lobby Zwift to add Bluetooth support for Windows PCs.

I am having this same yoyo effect as Robin above with my Tacx Neo and it is very annoying especially during some of the events and races.  I feel there is about a 5 second lag between my current wattage and my Zwift avatar…this certainly qualifies as an issue?  Any better answers to this question out there? Any suggestions?

Hi zwifters! I unpair my Tacx Vortex trainer from Atn+ and pair it using bluetooth via Zwift mobile link app and Whoala! No delay at all. Resistance changes instantly independent of terrain. I hope it will be useful for you.