Trainer lag

What is the consensus on trainer lag in Zwift? It’s really only an issue in racing, but it is a significant issue there. IOW, the time from when you see a change in Zwfit (eg. gradient) till the time the trainer responds.)
Is this a trainer issue?, a Zwift issue, a network issue, a PC issue, or all of the above?
I have a superfast PC and gigabit, low ping ethernet and I still have lag on my Elite Drivo and my Neo Gen 1. Is there a way to minimize this?

Do you use ANT+ FE-c or bluetooth?

I primarily use ANT+FE-C on my Drivo. On the Neo I don’t get an option in the pairing menu. I assume it uses ANT+FE-C automatically…

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Just to clarify, when I pair the Drivo there seems to be an option for ANT+ and a separate one for ANT+FE-C…
I don’t ever user BT. I don’t have a BT dongle on my PC, but I have tried it via my phone and it gives different power readings, so I just try to stay consistent and use ANT+FE-C

Yes ANT+ FE-c is your best option.

I think it is a trainer Issue. but i cant confirm that. Zwift send the grade info to the trainer when the grade change, then the trainer has to adjust the magnets or current.

I’m seeing a lag between power to my trainer, and when it shows up in both the companion app and on the PC. It’s about 3 seconds between when I start pushing, and the increased power out shows up on the PC. I just figured it’s the nature of the beast. Should I expect less lag?

Zwift on PC, Companion app on Galaxy 6S, using blue tooth for connection to Kicker Core, Wi-fi extender about 15 ft from the bike/phone/pc. Wi-Fi signal rated as excellent by phone.

3 seconds is pretty good. I assume some lag is inherent too. It’s sort of amazing it works at all with all the variables in play: different equipment and connectivity for all users. Again, I think this is really just mostly a consideration for racing. I find the “surgy” dynamics of Zwift pack dynamics to be distracting.

I can imagine a day when there are people who have only raced on Zwift doing there first IRL race and then complaining it isn’t like Zwift!!