Trouble shoot my lag - help please

Hi, this may be covered elsewhere but my search for ‘lag’ didn’t pull anything up.

I have a 5-7sec lag between me putting out/dropping off power and the game reflecting this. Its definitely not making racing easier.

I am currently running latest version of Zwift on my PC, am using a Neo 2T, and connect via ANT (FEC). I have tried updating my ANT cable and dongle, and moved this from near turbo to nearer computer but no change there. No difference to lag in changing from 3sec average and 1 sec average power showing, just less fluctuation (as you’d expect but I’m trying everything). I suspect its to do with the router being 150m away in the house while I’m in the shed. This is fast and pretty reliable broadband. I haven’t had many known dropouts, but the lag is around 6 seconds (according to game clock - if I start a sprint at 12:00 the game will show increase in watts at around 12:06, not ideal for racing as you can imagine). Racing means I’m using the Neo to transmit to game and PM is dual recording to Garmin. Any ideas how I can reduce that lag, please? Thank you.

Try using Bluetooth. I have noticeable lag with Ant+ and have switched to BT.

Ant+ driver updates:

  • Open Windows Update and check for latest updates.
  • View Optional/Advanced Updates and expand driver updates
  • Locate Ant+ Driver (Dynastream Innovations), select and install

If that does not work there are other methods. If on Facebook, join the ZPCMR-Zwift PC Masters & Riders group. READ THE FILES. If you cannot find what you need in the files, then ask questions or search for Ant+. Lots of good PC info there. (Note: if you ask about ATV, tablets, laptops…you run the risk of being chastised…the group is about maximizing Zwift experience at various levels of Zwift Only desktop PCs…for as little $$ as possible).

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Wow thanks Chris. Lots to try. Thank you (desktop PC here so hopefully I’ll fit right in :slight_smile: ) Thank you!

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