Elite Direto connection dropouts

Hi all,

I own an Elite Direto for about two years now. Last year I’ve had major connectivity issues. Back then I used a BLT connection. Hence last December I started to look at the troubleshooting guide. I changed my connection to ANT+.

My setup right now:

  • Elite Direto
  • Decent PC with wired 200Mbit connection
  • ANT+ Dongle (Amazon)
  • USB extention cable (Amazon)
  • Garmin Heart Rate strap

I’ve tried the following things to prevent connection dropouts to happen:

  • changed my WiFi-channel to 4
  • disabled USB selective suspend

The thing is that the connection of both the Direto and my Garmin heartrate strap keeps on dropping regularly. Sometimes it is just 3-5 times per session (aprox. 1h), but last week it was already 10 times in only 15 minutes.

These connection issues really reduce the fun of indoor cycling and Zwift especially. ERG-mode is a thing as well. But the main thing are the dropouts. I’ve read multiple topics, but haven’t manage to minimalise the dropouts. Right now, I’ve managed to: (i) set up a ANT+ connection with the dongle very close to the Direto, (ii) changed my wifi channel and (iii) disabled USB selective suspend.

Still, the dropouts keep occuring. I guess it must be something with the ANT+ connection itself, because the heartrate strap (batteries are quite fresh) keeps on disconnecting as well.

Some things to consider:

  • Sometimes I use the companion app, sometimes I don’t
  • I listen to Spotify through my browser
  • I’ve connected a bluetooth speaker (via a cable actually) to my PC
  • currently I have no fan
  • I have my bike set up in a small bedroom. Next to the bedroom is the living room with: chromecast, ps4, sonos etc.

Does anyone have any tips to resolve this connection problem?


Have you tried a Firmware update via the Elite Upgrado App?

I would buy a second ANT+ Stick. Sounds like, yours is not good anymore.

Do you connect via ANT+ oder ANT-FE-C Protokoll?
But since your HRM has these dropouts too, it shouldn’t matter.

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately I didn’t get any notification in my mailbox. The reason why I see this message only now.

I’ve double checked the firmware. The new Elite Upgredo app (I am not kidding you) says that the trainer has the most recent firmware.

It is highly doubtable that my ANT+ stick has any issues itself. It is merely 2 months old.

I always connect through the FE-C protocol. At least Zwift connects automatically to this protocol.

I will try a few trainings without the heartratestrap and see if that matters in a way.

Any other ideas?

Still probably worth a try to rule out that option. New stuff breaks down all the time, especially if it is a cheap version you found on Amazon (not saying you did buy the cheapest one, but could be a bad one, check the reviews maybe?).

If your HR strap disconnects as well, it is the ANT+ stick, that is broken!
What ANT+ stick do you have?

I agree on that but it seems unlikely. Even without training with a HR strap, it still disconnects a couple of times.

I don’t know if its true but sometimes I have the feeling that it wants to change between ANT protocols. I’m not quite sure why I think that on the other hand.

I also have a bluetooth 2.0 dongle. I will test that to see if it works any better.

O and the ANT dongle I bought was the ‘Anself’ one that some forums did recommend.

I don’t think that will work, trainers uses BLE which ist part of the BT4.0 version.
BT2.0 is like 20 years old.

Well I might be wrong about de mark, but I bought it last year. I actually tried it just now. Didnt seem to have any issues yet (both Directo and HR strap)

Might be the ANT stick after all. But if it isn’t then fellow Direto owners who have simillar issues might think about changing to BLE.

I will post an update soon if any problems keep occuring.

Then it’s a Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.2 Dongle and the writing on the Stick means sth like “NoName Stick 2.0”

I have the same problem with heart rate drop outs and then resistance won’t work it just gets too difficult to cycle.

Mac OSX, AnT+ dongle on extension cable. , elite direto trainer

Can’t get a proper answer why.

Hi @Darragh_Kitt8664

Welcome to the forum,

What HR strap are you using, can it be that the battery is dying or that the strap is dying?

Garmin. No battery is fine. New

Even if the fault was the heart rate strap, why would the resistance stop working on the Elite Direto at the same time.

Try Riding without the HR strap and see if it still happen

I bought a USB extension cable from amazon and i bought a wahoo tickr heart rate monitor.

i haven’t had drop outs in the last couple of weeks.

i use Bluetooth headphones at the same time and there is no interference.