Elite Direto XR keeps dropping Bluetooth connection


I have an Elite Direto XR connecting to Windows 10 by Bluetooth, it picks up the signal instantly but I would say about 1 in 5 rides it loses connection. I know this has been covered a lot on these forums but I wanted to see if mine was any different.

What happens is my rider suddenly stops pedalling, the watts show as lines (ie not 0W) and then I just stop on screen.

When I go to the pairing screen it still shows as being paired. If I unpair and pair again it connects but shows the wattage that it was at when it lost power (as shown in picture)

However, when you go back to the game screen it is still showing as a dash and pedalling makes no difference.

After doing this a few times it reconnects but obviously not great when happens!

Any ideas?

A lot of Windows users find that ANT+ provides a more stable connection than Bluetooth, particularly if you use an extension cable for the dongle and position the dongle close to the trainer.