Elite direto x

Hi need help please.
Have a Elite Direto x trying to pair with zwift app on a Samsung galaxy tab 6 lite.
Picks up trainer via Bluetooth but not controllable.
Says its connected but when I pedal don’t move.
Works on Rovey and Elite trainer but not Zwift.
Tried everything I can find so far but no good.
Just as a thought I do have a wireless central heating boiler in same room could my elite be connecting to this before I have chance to connect to zwift.

It wont be connecting to your heating but interference may be an issue (when the heating chats with the remote and vice versa), as would any other devices that use those frequencies (wireless headphones, phone data wifi etc).

If its working on other platforms, it does kind of point to Zwift. And coincidently this thread popped up with a Galaxy S7 and a Direto having similar but different symptoms. Not saying its the same issue, but may be related and worth keeping an eye on.