Elite Direto cannot pair as controllable trainer

(Richard Kuan6330) #1

I have an Elite Direto which I have paired using the Zwift companion app to a PC via BLE. It read the cadence and power meter ok but is unable to pair as a controllable trainer. It just keep on searching and then times out after a quite a few minutes. Please help

(David K) #2

It looks like you’re trying to connect your Direto through Companion running from your Samsung back to your Windows 8 PC. Any chance you may have other fitness apps running on your Samsung that may be paired with the controllable portion of your Direto?

Bluetooth is a bit unique in that it won’t allow connection until it’s unpaired from previous devices. If you’ve used your official Elite app to check for firmware updates or calibrate lately, there’s a chance that your trainer is still partially paired and won’t connect through Zwift as a recourse.

If you’ve checked your devices and can’t find any other pairings or fitness apps running, please let me know.

(Richard Kuan6330) #3

Hi, thanks for replying

I have unpaired it from the Elite app and also via the phone settings. It is not a bluetooth connection problem as I can get it to pair the power and cadence. It just will not do the Controllable Trainer part. FYI, I’m using a Samsung J7 pro phone. I note there have been some problems with pairing as a controllable trainer on the Samsung S3-7 but is there a specific problem with my phone, or is it something else?

I have since tried to do it with a Samsung Tablet, and with this, I can’t pair anything at all in Swift though the Elite app works fine.

(David K) #4

I’d rather not assume your phone isn’t compatible, but if you have another Android or iOS device around or can borrow one, that would be worth a test. We have found some models incompatible with specific sensorts or Bluetooth bridging in general:

I’m going to open an email support ticket for you so we can request your logs and research how your pairings are occuring. Please check your inbox for us.

(Richard Kuan6330) #5

I’ve tried it with a Lenovo Yoga tablet 2-1050F, and got the same result as the J7. The power and cadence pairs but not the controllable trainer.

I’ve ordered an ANT+ dongle, and will see if that works when it arrives, but this will take a week or so and be past the 7 day trial period.

(Adam Kosecki) #6

I have the same problem.

Tell me if ANT helps

(Adam Kosecki) #7
I bought ANT+. Everything works fine :)