Elite Direto Fails Calbration

(Bryan Hopper) #1

I calibrate my Elite Direto every time I use it using the Etrainer App. but when trying to calibrate it with Zwift it continuously fails. It had been working but something happened last week and it will not calibrate. Need help!

(Shannon) #2

I was just about to post the same problem with my CycleOps Magnus, which has been unable to calibrate lately on Zwift. Today it failed every time – it would get up to 23mph, tell me to stop pedaling, and then it would freeze up on the way back down, usually around 5mph, and then say it failed. Very annoying.


Here too.
Very annoying bug.
I just have a good job, i don’t want to be a tester for Zwift, i’m watching around to find others desktop apps.