Elit Qubo Training session Wattage figures freezing on max. Not moving

Hi hope you can help. I had no problems until the update and where zwift downloaded the new software. After this I found that on the training i was working out on. When I had to reach a certain wattage it would hit that figure then not move. I had to stop peddaling, wait for it to drop and pick it up again. Each time it would not go over the max so for instance if it was 5 mins at 140w. I would reach 140 then it would not go over. I could ease up on the pedals, I could put more power on but it would not change.

I have a elite qubo digital trainer, mac with latestet software and suunto ant plus dongle.


Could you look into this thanks Vincenzo

Hi Vincenzo, 

Sorry to hear you’re having some problems, the first thing you should do is:

  1. Make sure your trainer and Zwift is up to date
  2. Quit Zwift
  3. Restart the trainer (disconnect, wait 30 seconds, connect)
  4. Ant+ Dongle (disconnect, wait 5 seconds, connect)
  5. Run Zwift as normal

Try this first and let us know if it helped. 

Thank you


Thanks it seems to have improved. I have not had it stall now. I am finding it hard to hit the watts. Is there a way to calibrate or work out why i can spin the trainer so easily. For instance one of the training sessions was asking to reach 250 watts. I had to spin so fast i could not keep up. It then went into a part to spin to 350. I could not reach this number. It seems as though there is not enough resistance.
Is this the work out programme? zwift? Is there a way i can calibrate or change this?