Resistance problem with qubo elite digital smart b+

Sorry for my bad english! I have a Qubo digital smart b+ and if i run over 280-300 watt my cadence (rpm) are 100-110…if i sprint over 400 watt i have too many rpm!

The trainer difficult settings low or high change resistance only on the hill…how can i settings more resistance on my trainer?

I think there may be some confusion here. Is the problem that at your cadence is showing up higher than it actually is? If so, then the problem isn’t with your resistance, it’s with your cadence numbers.

Since you’re not using a separate cadence sensor, the Qubo is calculating your cadence based on the roller speed, which means it’s not directly measuring it, and there’s a margin for error.

If this sounds like what you’re experiencing (higher cadence than you’re actually putting out), calibrate your trainer in Elite’s mobile app.

My guess is his problem is the trainer does not generate enough resistance on a flat road so that he can sprint with higher that 400 watt without spinning out of control.

I wonder if it is just a Elite thing. I also see it with my Elite Realxaiom.

On a flat in 52/12 doing 130rpm i generate 582w. it feel if there were more resistance then I could generate more power.


Yes the problem is the trainer doesnt generate resistance on flat road. I use a 50-12 and can max ride 250-280 watt, over 300 watt the cadence is too high.
I dont find an option in zwift to setting the resistance. If i set the difficoult trainer works on hills but not on flat road.

I dont have problem with the workout: the resistance seems good when for exemple the trainer tell me to work on 240 watt, the resistance is strong and cadence 70-80 rpm.

I use the qubo digital smart with Bluetooth on iPad Air…what can i do?

I have read this:

The problem is the Bluetooth comunication trainer-zwift on ios…elite says that is a Zwift problem.
What can i do?

I have the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ and I can confirm that it is useless with Zwift.

On the flats, I have to put the bicycle in the largest gear and spin out just to get a little over 250W, there is no significant resistance.

And just to spell it out - that makes the combination completely useless as a training solution.

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By the way folks carefully read all those reviews from 2016, they all mention moving to ANT+.

I read the reviews but engaged in some wishful thinking, like maybe that was launch issues, that they fixed later. 

You really cannot use the device as advertised.   Bluetooth/iPad/Zwift = NO!

LOL…wish someone had made it clear for me, before I wasted $350.


Similar difficult to calibrate my qubo … I used my e-training to calibrate it but the power is very low … Someone he succeded without problem to calibrate it??