Wattage drop

Does anybody have any idea why my wattage would have dropped for 175w to 140w since the recent update? Id consistently been averaging 175w (500km) but since the 25th Feb this has dropped to 140w (220km). I have only made a minor adjustment to my set up during this period, by adding a mat for my Trainer (elite qubo digital smart b+ 2016) . Any help or advice would be appreciated

There is a thread where Zwift were looking at why this trainer was reading too high - maybe this update has corrected that and hence the drop?

Also, when you pair this device, what does it list, I get ANT+ 55203 and not qubo

Hi Jim thanks for the replies.

When pairing the device, I do see the ANT+55203 & Qubo options. If memory severs me right I select the ANT+ option.

I had also read the trainer was possibly providing a higher than actually achieved wattage. However I was confident with my original output, as I had trilled Zwift using my brothers set up (wahoo kickr) which provided me with the original output of 175w.

thanks Andrew.