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You are correct that outside riding tou do not have access to profile information and you certainly do not have it in a nice color coded map. However the guys that ride in the grand tour races have it and I want to feel like them even if I cannot pedal like them. :grin: Also keep in mind this is indoor. Why not provide the info? Is it hurting anyone to have it?

Fair point … I’m afraid my perception is Zwift moves glacially slowly on user suggested improvements … but here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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I agree with those calling for larger info. I’m using a 65 inch TV and I still cannot make out the arrow in the little circle indicating which direciton I’m going, or even much of the profile info. Having at the bottom of the full screen sounds like a wonderful idea!


You folks may be interested in this: ZDot: Alpha test of a high-visibility map marker add-on for Windows

Completely agree. It’s almost impossible to read. Make the elevation profile separate to the map, that would help.

It is also quite annoying that gradient is not anywhere in the companion app, not even the current gradient. (as far as I can see anyway!)

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I used the Tacx training app and elevation profile as well as how far left to the top of the climb is all available. I came to Zwift today and it was all missing. Like riding blind not knowing what is ahead. Very disappointing.

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As a newcomer I find Zwift awful. Terrible to navigate and terrible at responding to questions. Wont be subscribing at end of month trial

I’m also new to Zwift and I’ve never gotten how the profile is supposed to work. Something like

“It’s important to know if you are moving left or right on the profile but there is really no way of knowing besides looking at the icon, which is too small to see on anything smaller than a 4K TV. Once you’ve determined your direction, you still don’t know that much since your route might turn you away from that big mountain-looking ascent-graph ahead of you. Or it will show flat which just means that it’s business as usual on that segment, whether it’s a half an hour of 0%, -12% or +12%”.

Or have I missed something?


Yet one more new user that finds the elevation profile nearly useless. I ride literally 3 feet from a 55" TV with the companion app next to me on a stand and I have no idea where I am from a KOM marker or what to expect on a hilly ride. Sometimes the itty-bitty “You are here” marker moves to an edge and then re-starts at the opposite side.

I agree that having an app 3-way “switch” for the bottom tape would be great. (Just like the different Camera views.) View 1-Power. View 2-Elevation profile. View 3-Split screen…1/2 Power 1/2 Elevation.



If u have a phone why not download the companion app and put it next to you?? :no_mouth:

n00blet Zwift rider here too, I have my laptop directly in front of me and have a hard time quickly discerning where I’m at on that profile as well; it needs more clarity. Phone on handlebars with Companion open is an option, but I’d rather just have it presented more effectively on my main display.

Agree with the comments about the tiny elevation profile.
There is so much screen real estate, would be better with an almost full-width across the bottom of the screen.

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The thing that I don’t get is that elevation and gradient isn’t anywhere in the companion app.

this could solve the problem.

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Veleton has exactly what we need. They have a very clear course profile from start to finish. Each climb is clearly labeled and assigned a category. You are always moving left to right on that profile and you have a marker for your location on the profile…

When you are climbing you are then given a detailed, color coded, enlarged, profile of that climb. Something like yellow is mild, orange is middle steep, red is steep, black is stupid steep… you get the idea.

Something like this is what we need.


So new user here and also feel this is really lacking. after your ride you can see the elevation profile, why not during the ride. Hey Zwift - this seems like something you should consider - maybe you guys can respond why this is so hard to do? I use a laptop and would love to see the elevation profile.

New rider and totally agree. Instead of the micro profile of all elevation changes, esp. on the flatter courses, the better tool would be an expanded elevation profile that lets you know what’s going on with the road and moves with you. Also useful would be the ability to toggle between the local elevation and the full course profile. I’m looking at a large screen suspended a few feet in front of me and the elevation profile is worthless. Maybe on the mountain stages it makes more sense.


And here we are a year later, Mar 2021

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This point should not be difficult to solve (or upgrade).
Many other platforms have a better and more clear view of the profile of the route.

Thanks !

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Please implement climbing profil similar to Tacx-App. At the lower part of the screen should be one large profil fpor the remaining climbs (which you can be skipped or changed with the current power-/ heart-rate-profile). At the moment it is horrible to get information about the remaining metres of altitude and the distance to the top. Lot of my friends changed to Tacx due to that missing information!
By the way, the current Watt-/Heart-Rate-Graph is also not good/ an axis labeling is missing. So the heart is just a more or less straight line which is useless.

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