Eilt turbo muin Bluetooth +

I’m new to zwift I’ve got a eilt muin Bluetooth + when I went for a sprint and it went weird was in a big gear but was spinning high is it the belt slipping also do i have to calibrat it I read something about 2NM on belt tensiner

Can anyone help evrey time I do a group ride with a lot of riders the picture is constantly braking up it’s in possible to ride it started about a week ago

What becomes the brakes?
brake is broken MUIN’s sensor or sensor belt?

Don’t know what you mean

I think the meaning is “the picture is breaking up”…

This is your network issue somewhere in the chain. I you think you have good internet speed and your internal network, I assume wireless, try deleting the program and re-installing. Make sure everything is up to date. If still an issue, Please provide details of your setup.

Thanks for your interest in my problem I’ve dun all the obvious but does it take more intent when there is more rides I just did a ride I’m having to push much harder to everything has been ok up to a week ago