easy way to follow my buddy

I am new to zwift and i really have a hard time to ride with a friend of mine.

We have trouble finding each other, we are, of course followers already. both are locked in , but it is hard to find each other…

after that, we hit ride with button…if we are lucky we see each other…but we always have a hard time staying together…

it should be optional to stick to the friend no matter which turn he takes…

Hi Armin,

Please read this information:


Might help you and your friend!

I followed that link. Where the f%@!K is the “icon in the top left?”


I looked in the mobile app as well as the desktop app. I cannot understand why it’s so hard to put a freaking magnifying glass or find button on top of the list of riders. I swear that the designers of this app purposely make the simplest of items as difficult as possible. 

How about throw us a bone and take an actual screenshot of where in the desktop app or mobile app that this can happen. Better yet, how about letting me search for riders offline so that I can friend/follow them BEFORE I FREAKING RIDE? 

For all I know, this feature is available but some clever fellow has hidden the damn thing. Arghhhh!