Make it Easier to Find Your Online Friends


I find it really difficult finding friends who are online with the mobile app. Last night for example My friend was on and we rode the exact same route, he was half a lap behind me but never once showed up in the Sneak a Peek Riders You Follow. If I looked at my feed I could see they were online as their activity shows “partial”. For a program that wants people to ride together with friends from other parts of the world I find this is way harder to do than it should be.

Any person you follow should show up under the “riders you follow” tab no matter where they are in the Zwift world. As it is now they only show up if they are on the same segment of road between turns and the chances of that are slim. I’m constantly shocked when I look at Strava and find out a friend that I follow on Strava and Zwift rode the exact same time as me and pretty much the exact route. Having one chance to press “ride with friend” when you first log in is unacceptable. I should be able to ride/find my online friends at all time when logged in. This is extremely basic mmog stuff.

At any point I should be able to click on an online friend and choose “follow” Zwift should automatically select the exact same route as my friend without them disappearing from my friends list everytime they make a turn.


Perhaps to not overcrowd the main screen there could be a map on my mobile device showing where my friends are. Little red or green dots would represent them. In case I missed a turn I would know which way they’re going.
The list of rider on the main screen can rotate very quickly sometimes you’ll miss clicking on a friends name. I’d say it should be easily accessible from mobile link with the features you mentioned.

From other suggestions that are similar, Zwift has commented that they are planning to incorporate a function where you can do this.  Lots of interest in this type of function.  Even the initial selection of “ride with friend” isn’t really functional because by the time you’re dumped into the game, the person has ridden away from that spot…