Connecting with friends

(Jonathan Cave (Cappo)) #1

Forgive me if this is documented elsewhere, there are just a couple of things id like to know…

  1. how do you follow someone on zwift, cant seem to find a way of finding a friend and following them…

  2. Is there a way to automatically find and follow friends you either already follow or who follow you on strava/garmin connect.

A few of my friends use Zwift so would be good if there was an easy way to find out if they are riding…


Cheers all!!

(Jon Ayers 60+ Team ODZ) #2

good question! no answer yet

(Jon Ayers 60+ Team ODZ) #3

good question! no answer yet

(A Tage (Kiss B)) #4

A social update is due soon to allow this to be easyer.

Only way at the moment i know of is via the phone app, If you select a rider from the peek list (riders near you) you can see their profile and follow them and give ride on. I think you can also see anyone who has given a ride on during a previous ride and follow them that way too.

(Tona Medina) #5

Given the connectivity with Strava, I was hoping for Find/Follow your Strava friends.

Currently to follow someone on the phone, it seems that they have to be on Zwift riding at that particular moment.

I would like to find my Strava friends (that are on zwift), and then get notifications once they start riding.

(Marco Laufenberg) #6

Hi there:


That was just my question today! How do I find my friends/Strava follwers in Zwift? Would be great if I could add them even if they’re not online - finding them when 1000 riders are online would also not be that easy.




(Sean Steel) #7



(Leon Geuyen [HIK] (C)) #8