Connecting with friends

Forgive me if this is documented elsewhere, there are just a couple of things id like to know…

  1. how do you follow someone on zwift, cant seem to find a way of finding a friend and following them…

  2. Is there a way to automatically find and follow friends you either already follow or who follow you on strava/garmin connect.

A few of my friends use Zwift so would be good if there was an easy way to find out if they are riding…


Cheers all!!

good question! no answer yet

good question! no answer yet

A social update is due soon to allow this to be easyer.

Only way at the moment i know of is via the phone app, If you select a rider from the peek list (riders near you) you can see their profile and follow them and give ride on. I think you can also see anyone who has given a ride on during a previous ride and follow them that way too.

Given the connectivity with Strava, I was hoping for Find/Follow your Strava friends.

Currently to follow someone on the phone, it seems that they have to be on Zwift riding at that particular moment.

I would like to find my Strava friends (that are on zwift), and then get notifications once they start riding.

Hi there:


That was just my question today! How do I find my friends/Strava follwers in Zwift? Would be great if I could add them even if they’re not online - finding them when 1000 riders are online would also not be that easy.