How to find friends already on Zwift?

New to Zwift. I have the companion app and even though I’ve made the connection to Facebook, so far, the only way I can see to connect with anyone on Zwift is if I already know their Zwift username. Can Zwift find my FB friends who are already on here?

No. You can only look them up by their Zwift user name. If you are connected on Strava, though, you might be able to find their user name by looking at some of the ‘photos’ that have posted from their rides. Their user name should be highlighted in the list on the right side of the screen.


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Wow, that’s surprising. Guess Zwift isn’t intending to be an actual social app.

I doubt they are. It is a virtual cycling/running/maybe-someday-rowing platform with a social aspect.

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Today I found that you can connect Facebook and Zwift accounts. In Zwift > profile > connections. And it says that Zwift will send you an email if any of your fb friends join Zwift

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