How can I find out what friends of mine use Zwift?

I’ve just done my first Zwift and enjoyed it.

I’d like to see if any of my friends are on Zwift but notice there’s no Facebook integration. I have to enter their name. So therefore I have to know if they’re on Zwift already which I don’t.

So is there some way to find out if my friends are on Zwift?

I’m sure it’ll be a bit lonely for me otherwise! It might be a deciding factor if I sign up or not.


You could ask your friends if they use Zwift.

You could also meet new friends on Zwift.

Lets hope Facebook integration never comes.


I know a lot of people I’m not going to ask them all!

Why would you not want the facility to find friends? Don’t use it if you don’t want to but it would really help connect to people you know, like in Strava.

Not everything needs or should connect to Facebook.

You could post something on your Facebook wall asking your friends if they use Zwift, no need to really message them all.

Connecting to Strava for friends I am ok with.

A lot of people unfollow Facebook friends (but still friends). I’ve unfollowed ALL of mine. So you don’t see people’s updates. Only 30 out of 200 or so follow me still so they’re the only ones who’ll see my update.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate Facebook hence unfollowing everyone. I just follow my local community group. But it’s useful to find friends using same apps as you like in Strava. I wouldn’t use any other aspect of it.

Zwift is a great place to find new friends also. Just do some group rides, races or even free rides.

Again I hope Facebook integration in Zwift never comes, It has killed too many other communities. Zwift already has one way connection to Strava so that would make more sense.

Even connect to Strava to list Strava zwift users would be the next best thing because Strava lists my Facebook friends so I could follow them all then zwift list the Zwift users from that list.

Will checkout groups.

+1 :joy:

Better yet, let’s hope that FB goes away!