Show Strava/FB Friends

I’d like to see which of my Strava/Facebook friends are using Zwift.  That way I can follow them and appear at the top of the rider list.

Searched before posting. Sorry if this has been discussed.


100%! Both features are planned along with ability to search for other Zwifters. 

Given the connectivity with Strava, I was hoping for Find/Follow your Strava friends.

Currently to follow someone on the phone, it seems that they HAVE to be on Zwift riding at that particular moment.

I would like to find my Strava friends (that are on zwift) regardless if they are online or not, be able to follow them, and then get notifications once they start riding. That’d be sweet.

Any update on this Zwift?

finding which Facebook/strava friends have Zwift?

Any updates? On Nov 11 of 2015 it was said that this was planned.

This, is a pretty basic and common feature with social apps, and would be kind of a big deal.

The ability to search for your Strava friends on Zwift was released in the Zwift Mobile Link companion app v1.7 back in June along with Event listings. Zwiftblog did a nice post about it:

Facebook is coming. Stay tuned!