Easy ride course

(Paul Archer) #1

A relatively flat course where zwifters can do easy recovery rides - no KOM or Sprint sections, no orange jerseys for lap times, just good scenery and opportunity to have a group social ride without the incentive to pin it for get a jersey.

(K.C. Race3R) #2

Why not just use ERG mode on your trainer?

(K.C. Race3R) #3

I personally even just disconnect my smart trainer in the Zwift pairing screen.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #4

Pretty easy to just not try on the KOMs or sprints.

(Brett Martin) #5

Watopia Flats! All you do is just u-turn at the start of the KOM line in each direction and just like that you have a flat course. I do it on recovery days and call it my Pancake Flat recovery ride

(K.C. Race3R) #6

I used to ride the Watopia flats, but now I just unpair my smart trainer, so all flats are ignored … Isn’t that the simple solution?

(Paul Archer) #7

Watopia flats is a good idea, exactly what I’d be looking for. ERG mode is another good one I hadn’t thought about. Just not trying on KOM or Sprint misses the point a bit, 1) I don’t have the self-discipline not to push a little bit and 2) the slope on the KOM is too steep for what I’d be looking for.


Just think that there are a lot of requests for new courses to ride, I think that this would be a good addition for people looking to do a recovery/low pace ride and avoid everyone who pushes 4w/kg round a lap - also without the competitive element of Zwift.

(Michael Henasey) #8

My hunch is that the Watopia expansion is going to be a flat-ish route. Stay tuned…