Free ride mode

Morning i used the freeride mode today for the first time.can any tell me is it supposed to be harder than erg mode. I was after a easy ride and on the watopia sand and sequina route having to bang out 210 250 of watts for some of the little kickers

Free ride is ‘simulation’ mode. Therefore you will get the feedback from the software to crank resistance on the trainer relative to the terrain. This means that you will need to push hard to get over the rollers on routes such as S&S.

For recovery rides i would advise you have two options.

  1. Stick to Tempus Fugit or the other routes that have the word ‘flat’ in their name if you ride in Simulation mode.
  2. Search for a recovery workout, there are a few on Zwift database, or create your own recovery workout which will put you back in ERG mode and negate terrain changes.

Cheers thought i had an issue has zwift over a year and first time used