Dust on the Road to Ruin

I realize people have been complaining about dust for years, but with the increased number of riders, the dust is becoming intolerable. The dust in the picture is from just 2 or 3 guys in front of me. It gets a lot worse but I couldn’t catch that picture.

Try doing an event or race with loads of riders. You fly by your “Zwifters Nearby” list until you can see again.

Yes. Just shadows you can barely make out. Years ago I pondered traveling out west in the US to ride a motorcycle race in the desert. A pro told me to skip it, that in recent years it had gotten so dusty he felt he was risking his career and his life riding blind in to he dust.

I like Zwift because it isn’t real life. I don’t wear a helmet and I ride like a lunatic in the rain in Zwift. I’m thankful the dust isn’t real like it sometimes is when a car zooms past me on a gravel road in the summer. Bring on the dust!


I wish there was an option for “always sunny” in Zwift. I hate “riding in the rain” regardless if i’m at the kitchen table or outside. It’s depressing to look into a dark screen but that’s another topic.