Tone Down the Dust Storms

(James) #1

I like the jungle circuit, but when there are groups of riders ahead, all I see is a giant brown dust cloud in my face. Could you revamp the display such that it doesn’t obscure the view? Perhaps he dust could only come up to wheel height.

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #2

haha, every time I get there during a hard part of a race I literally feel that dust in my mouth and I can even restrict my breathing if by that moment I’m near my maxHR, such unpleasant experience lol

I think it should be optional just as that distortion mode.

(Daren) #3

Optional in free rides, maybe, but in races it should be left in place. It’s useful as an opportunity for a tactical surge, trying to escape in the cloud. =)

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #4

Then why not to add clouds of dust on top of the list of riders as well then (the on the right which you actually use to see if someone is attacking, not the slowpoke avatar animation).