Let surface, boosts and drafting affect resistance

I think it would add immensely to the immersion if the resistance experienced on a smart trainer was actually affected by road surface, boosts and drafting.

This would mean I could actually feel in the pedals when I’m in the draft, and getting that little bit of rest perhaps when selecting the feather boost and actually feel like I just got 7kg lighter.

As things stand now, I just go a bit faster, but I don’t actually feel that the resistance decreases. Same thing with road surfaces, I want to feel that it is harder to ride in the gravel, not just see it on the speed.

Would love for this to be implemented as I believe it would add a lot to the immersion.

Voted. Definitely agree it would be a step up for realism if draft actually affected the resistance so you could feel the draft effect.

Granted, if they go down that route people will probably ask for feeling resistance changes when it rains and other weather conditions within the game. Who knows but I like the idea you posted.

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Yeah, I don’t think the rain should affect things. Getting winds implemented is a whole other bag, so let’s not go down that rabbit hole. :wink:

But for the things already in the game that actually affect the performance/speed of the avatar I think it would be great to actually be able to feel it. :slight_smile:


Definitely voted, and maybe they could also add an additional slider or check-box to adjust or toggle this effect, as you might not want to have this during work-outs.

But during races it would definitely add to the immersion and help a little to fix current bunch riding which, tbh, is still a hot mess.

Additionally, having a visual “draft meter” to give new people a strong visual indication of drafting effects would be useful.

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Voted, of course!

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