User adjustable gradient-resistance timing

Hi folks,

Just joined this week after (what felt like) a long hunt for a smart trainer in stock…

I’m enjoying riding so far, but the one thing that’s not quite right to my legs is the slight lag in the trainer producing the gradient resistance changes, especially at both ends of short rollers. All the research I did before buying suggests this is a common thing across trainers.

So, could we have a button that advances the command to increase resistance slightly before the road changes visually in the game? It would be a matter of maybe 2 or 3 seconds, tops, in maybe half second jumps, for my trainer. You could then tune the response of your trainer to the screen. So when you get to the top and roll onto the descent, your legs are not still pushing “up” for a short time while the trainer adjusts.

I guess that due to the way zwift creates speed from wattage, large changes in your wattage effort at those gradient change points would send the timing back out of line; but I guess most people try and keep a fairly constant effort… and by making this tunable by the user, you can select your own best average setting… or just ignore it completely!

I haven’t tried racing yet, so I don’t know what effect, if any, this might have - I have read that having a very slow to react trainer is bad for race effort timing - if it was thought to be a problem, then it could be greyed out for races… but I would assume that more accuracy and consistency across the field would be good for everyone.

Anyhow, this suggestion would be a major improvement for sim mode for me… I’d like the big elevation graph across the bottom of the screen idea to go with it, too, please :wink: