Dust Roads

 When Zwifting on dust roads/sections (Volcano & Watopia circuits) there is so much dust that my TV can freeze forcing me to view Zwifting on Ipad. Other Zwifters have commented that so much dust when on theses sections is over the top. Is this a popular feature on the circuits? 

The dust is a good feature in Zwift for the races and it doesn’t go on for long. Riders can accelerate ahead here almost unseen by those behind who aren’t paying enough attention. It’s a good place to try for a 5 second gap, it’s been done to me lots of times.


@Simon: We discussed this in a ticket previously, and you said you were using an HDMI cable, correct? You should be seeing the same image quality on both the TV and the iOS device.

When the game freezes, do you switch what you’re doing on your iOS device (do you view other riders), or do you mean that you’re still viewing yourself, but it runs smoothly?

Also, can you link us to the adapter you’re using for your setup?


Hi Jason, yes we have discussed before.  When coming up to dust sections I now switch view (cam 8) or ride near front so not so much dust so my TV can handle the pixels (Ipad has always been ok). When I up grade my TV I will make sure new TV is suitable for this use.

Thanks for feedback from Alan.