During a custom workout i rode alone?

Hi all,

Maybe this has been covered, but I could not find it in the forums. When I ride a custom workout that I created, I am riding all alone ;-( Is that expected behaviour? I have seen that there are “group workouts” but these workouts do not match the training plans that I would like to follow. It would be nice to see other zwifters on the track even when doing your own custom workout efforts.

thanks in advance for replying.



No when doing a workout you should be seeing other riders the same as if you do a workout from Zwift or just free riding.

I guess there was something else going on, like a internet drop out, that may cause that you don’t see others.

Hey Onno!

The most common reason for being alone on Zwift is internet issues. Even if you have a solid connection with high bandwidth, if your ping is to high, optimal is about 50ms, and the higher it gets above that, the more iffy the connection gets,you may find yourself riding alone. you can do a speed test to a server in LA, California, USA to see how the bandwidth and ping are looking.

If you are using a Proxy server, VPN, or Firewall, these can interfere with you connection to the server as well, and we recommend turning them off for the duration of your Zwift time.

If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team for further assistance, letting them know what steps you’ve already done, including a screenshot of the speedtest results if possible.

Ride On!

Thanks for the quick replies. I just did some testing/tinkering with the wifi antenna. I now see other riders :wink: Thanks for pointing this out to me!

Does that also explain that my logged km are not counted towards my profile? I do see the two custom workout sessions that i was riding (alone/offline) with their respective km logged. But they are not counted in the top section of the my.zwift.com overview


Data gets uploaded when Zwift uploads from the client device (your’s) to our servers. If your connection isn’t strong enough (bandwidth above the 5Mbps ish area) or if your ping is too high, this upload will timeout and fail, meaning that your data can’t be save. We also can’t upload it on our side, so this data is lost, though there is probably a .fit file on your computer that you can use to upload it to 3rd parties like Strava or TrainingPeaks.

I totally get the struggle though, my home internet is through my phones’ Mobile Hotspot, or super bad trailer park public wi-fi. If I had the space to have a Zwift set up, I’d probably fail out on the connection!

What is interesting though is that in the Zwift companion app my “all time” distance is missing the data but if i select the “30 days” tab I do see the totals. That is a bit confusing. Is this on purpose and if so what is the reason?

It’s a known issue.