Duathlon results question in game and after

I completed the Duathlon Ride and Run today. The results listed don’t match with the results while I was in game. For example, I came in ahead of another rider by @ 25 seconds yet that rider was listed ahead of me in the results. Is it possible to have different “start” times even though the ride is a mass start? Am I missing something? Thanks, just confused.

Right now everyone has basically the same results since everyone rode for the same amount of time - the order is random, times within a couple of thousandths of a second. Not sure where you got 25 seconds, everyone rode for 35 min and ran for 15, there was no actual finish line (though there did appear to be an arch in the run, which I think was irrelevant). WTRL will be converting the data from zwift/zwiftpower the distance each person covered in that time, and from there into points (1pt for each meter of running, 1pt for each 5m of riding). You can get maybe a little idea of how it will end up by looking at the power of each rider, but that is not at all precise due to different weight/height - w/kg won’t be perfect either. Just need to wait to see what WTRL comes up with.


@Wade_Blomgren Good info Wade, as I had the same confusion as @Debora_Summers . I was much further up in the standings at run/bike race finishes according to the in game standings during the race. So I too was wondering why I was so much lower in the standings in the ZP results. I’m looking forward to seeing overall results to get an idea of where I stand.