Duathlon Race Series: Run #2 not there when I got there

Hi group. I’m new at this, so forgive me. I tried a duathlon today, in category C (2.5 W/kg - 3.19 W/kg) because I missed the start of the D group. I’m a D biker and after missing the D start, figured that I’d just try the race anyway and take my lumps in the C race placings.

I had no problems on the first run, spun with the others in the pen during a ten minute transition time–which seemed very long, but that’s fine–and had no problems on the bike. When I ended the bike and tried to begin the second run…the duathlon run #2 was not available. The best that I can figure is that I went over the minimum category time: I missed the cutoff. I had a 1hr 33m 56sec time for 28.5 miles. That was significantly slower than the “minimum” level for C (2.5 W/kg): I was at 2.0 W/kg.

I know that my time isn’t fast, but it does seem fast enough not to get pulled from the course. I mean, I was “making progress.”

I checked the details of the event, and run #2 started 1hour 15 mins after the bike started. I saw this pre-event but I assumed that either the run course would remain open for those still on the bike course or that this would be the earliest run #2 starting time.

It seems unlike Zwift, and not terribly inclusive, to boot someone off the course during an event, but maybe I’m missing something. Thank you for any guidance on this.

I have done the run bike run duathlon and didn’t quite dial it in right and missed the second run before as well. After looking at my Zpower results and when each category went off, I was able to get it right the next couple efforts. I hope this is your only issue.

You may want to also try the Zwift Duathlon League on Wednesdays (look up WTRL to sign up and get results), This event is times - 35 min time trial, 10 minute transition then 15 min run. WTRL scores the ride and run based on distance.