Duathlon series problem joining correct category

Was enroled 26/12 for duathlon series as B Biker but joining didn’t go as planned.
I was prompted by game to join and I confirmed but nothing happened. Waited for a couple of minutes. Then Retried in C because B already started, but also fail. Finaly got in just before D started.
Anyone else experiencing these kind of situations of serious lagg between these sessions? I enjoyed the race but to bad result don’t count now. Tips or tricks?
Thanks. Geoffrey

need more info to help. prompted to join running race while you were still cycling? or you already finished the bike, and were changed over to run when you got the prompt, and then nothing happened? either way, i think anybody can join any category for the final run, regardless of ability without any penalty. so if you are A/B runner but have to join D for the final run it is fine. not fine for the first run though…there you have to do your appropriate speed/category

Hello Josh, thanks for the follow up!
I use Apple TV 4K as a platform and zwift companion on iPhone.
First start of 3 k run… no problems. Also no problems from bike to 5k run.
It was between switching from first run to bike.
I ended 3k and logged out. Then rejoined for biking B cat. with like 10 min to spare. I started biking in watopia so i got the prompt to join the race that was About to start. I confirmed but nothing happened. I experienced this before (some lag) so I waited but now nothing happened. I didn’t get transferred to the starting line of bike. I tried joining 2 more times but always same problem: My avatar would not transfer to the starting line-up. It finally worked but in a to low category for My result to count. I also wanted to let this be known if this would be a recurring issue it would kind off spoil the experience.
I don’t want to sound negative I really enjoy the zwift platform and community and the work you all put in it. Thanks again.

Greetings, Geoffrey

not sure why that would happen that way, although i have had some similar problems with other races. during warm up i would expect the “join event” pop up to come, but it never does. i usually go to companion app and join/leave the event a few times, and mostly it shows up then, but once or twice it never did. not sure what to do about that bug. overall it is pretty infrequent experience at least…

I’ll see how it goes next time.
Think I’ll try one again next weekend : )