Drunk avatar?


Has anyone else noticed that their running avatar is moving all over the road when in congestion? Having relatively poor sight and having to wear glasses when I’m on the treadmill it’s actually making me sick.

I wish there was a way to keep my avatar on the side of the road and not deviate at all…(yes just another can we please have I guess)

I actually had to stop running the other day.

What view are you using, 1st or 3rd person?


Good point! I was using the third person view and will try first person again.

Thanks for the reply

Haha I’ve been meaning to post the same. My avatar appears to have hit the pub before races since Halloween or so :grinning:

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@Paul_Allen I recently checked if the “drunken sailor” movements were in the views from behind etc…

It’s actually every angle and is becoming quite unsettling now…