Can passing AI riders be made more smooth?

I use Zwift with rollers. What I have found slightly jarring is when passing AI riders I sort of ride through them and they or I bump off to the side. When you’re riding rollers you can be sensitive to sudden movements on the screen as your natural reaction is to react. IE: watching a race on TV & leaning into the turns can lead to “unintended outcomes”. Lol. Are there plans to smooth out the action of overtaking another rider?

I ride in the “3” view, which is the rider’s direct perspective. I also find it a bit jarring when over taking riders. I think what makes it a bit jarring is that the rider’s head is in a fixed position and doesn’t pivot. So in the game you are always looking in the direction the bike is pointing. In real life when you turn or pass, your head pivots into the turn and you keep your eyes fixed on your line, rather than what direction the bike is pointing.

I think down the road if they could incorporate some sort of small head pivot it would be a bit smoother.

How do you switch views?

Use Keys 1-9 to select your view.

Hi everyone,

There are plans on improving many of the graphical and animation elements of the game. While we’re in Beta, we’re trying to crush game-crashing bugs beforehand but we’re definitely going to continue working on making the game prettier and more believable :slight_smile:

+1 for this. I’m on rollers, and I sort of think it might be useful to have a “roller mode” - to somehow reduce the lateral movement on-screen.