Dropping cadence data

I have Quarq DZero power meter.  When I connect to Zwift it clearly shows that it’s connected for cadence, while my Kickr is the power source and controllable.  When I started to use Zwift, it didn’t show my cadence and my avatar coasted the entire time, although through ANT+ connection on Garmin, Dzero was sending the cadence info.  I ended up sending the Dzero back to Quarq and they replaced with a new one.  I have been riding with no problem throughout January, until yesterday (2/1) when Zwift had Mac update.  Now the same thing is happening.  I pedal, and cadence remains zero but when I stop pedaling, Zwift momentarily shows cadence data before going back to zero.  I use bluetooth with my Mac to connect everything.  What could be the cause of the problem?

Have same problem on Wahoo Kickr since the recent Zwift app update. 

Edwin, I found this article on this site and did all but the very last one before I rebooted my Mac.  It seemed to have fixed my cadence problem.  https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005469726-Bluetooth-Issues-and-Macs?section=201145295

BUT, when I did the Zwift FTP test, when it went off ERG mode when the actual test started, Kickr would not give me enough resistance to get to high power.  It hovers around 100w with me pedaling like a mad woman.  I attempted this twice and had to abort twice.  I ended up doing the entire test in manual mode.  So there might be something wrong with Zwift - Kickr connection.  I have a ticket into Zwift.