Wahoo kickr not recognized with Quarq Dzero connected

Setup: Mac OS, Zwift, Quarq Dzero (Power/Cadence), Wahoo Kickr 2021 (Controllable Resistance)

When I have my Quarq Dzero connected via Bluetooth Zwift will not recognize the Wahoo Kickr I have in the same room.

I can side step this by first connecting the Wahoo as a power source and it automatically connects as controllable as well. However I’d like use my Quarq for power, cadence, and Kickr for controllable/erg.

Can we get this bug fixed so the sensors are remembered when the application is launched.
For my setup it should be:
Power: Quarq
Cadence: Quarq
HRM: Wahoo Tickr X
Controllable: Wahoo Kickr

Workaround (I have a P2M power meter and Tacx Neo and the same problem) - I have to pair Neo for power + controllable, unpair power, pair P2M for power and cadence.
But yeah, it sucks to have to do that every time…


I have to do the same to use my 4iiii crank meter with my Direto, select power/cadence/controller as Direto, then change power and cadence to 4iiii.

Currently anything that pairs as more than one sensor type has to first pair as power before the other sensor types can be paired. This means that in order to pair a smart trainer for Control and a power meter for Power and Cadence you would need to first pair your smart trainer as Power and Control, then unpair the trainer from Power and pair the power meter as Power then Cadence.

Yeah I don’t want to do that.
Allowing a user to set individual default sensors is the answer.