Dropped from group ride during coffee break

twice i have used coffee break and twice the coffee break has ended early and I’ve been dropped. the 2nd time 2 others were dropped as well. this has occured on climbs to cliffside in watopia, once in each direction. i think the first time was about 30 secs in, the 2nd after almost 2 mins.

is this just random bad luck or are there known circumstances that trigger this problem?

It waits a few seconds for your power to drop to zero or almost zero and after that if you produce some level of power it automatically shuts off.

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I don’t use the feature often but it has dropped me when I was off the bike answering the door. I didn’t investigate the cause.

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i remember sitting up to do an interval off the back of a group ride and four or five people on coffee break immediately grinding to a halt when i did it

my theory is that when you click the coffee break button it just picks a rider in the group near you and copies their speed, probably changing every second or so. but if you are unlucky and the rider you are tied to stops for whatever reason at exactly the right moment then you get spat out of the back. is my stupid theory right? no idea, but it’s free

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I think you’re on the right track, though I think it also looks for another rider, well, sometimes it does. I’ve seen my avatar suddenly speed ahead to catch a rider.

yeah, i think it constantly changes the rider a few times a second or something, probably to try and avoid exactly this situation, but even low odds are an inevitibility eventually

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Today at Festive Fondo it caught me… I pressed coffee pause and waited quite a long before I pressed start, but did so and went to toilet break. Came back with still ~60 sec left on the timer but bike parked to the side of the road…
So I guess Zwift noticed that no coffee anywhere near and didn’t follow the group I was pedaling with :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been purposely dropped when using a coffee break. There are just some riders who don’t want you glued to them for your own break, so they stop and then start again, which I think breaks the connection.

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Serious question - How would those riders know that someone on a coffee break is glued to them?

In a large group they wouldn’t know. If you’re just next to one rider then they know. If they move up or back and you follow them, that’s also a clue.

I saw someone in chat call them “Coffee Climbers” the other day, I thought that was clever… and somewhat true, so many people use them to avoid a small climb.

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Jeez. Given that someone using you for a Coffee Break isn’t affecting your own ride at all, why would it bother you? Are some folk really so small-minded?

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Some folks don’t like people drafting off them in game as well. Not 100% sure why, but I’ve heard people complain about it.

Yes. Yes they are.

LOL. It was a rhetorical question. I have experienced the XP thread.


having been dropped in a coffee break before, this time i was very careful not to move the pedals at all

was definitely not a deliberate drop. group ride where coffee breaks are encoraged. it was a rubberband ride too