Dropouts ELITE Trainers Ant+ RealTour etc. for Version 1.0.43801

Hi all,

with the last version for Mac OS X, my RealTour stopped working properly. There were always dropouts and the watts and the cadence stopped while riding.

I haven’t changed anything in my setup and I’ve been using Zwift for about 2 years. So far without problems!

I tried everything from here:

BUT nothing helped.
There were no problems with the original software from ELITE. I have tested this.

Login to ELITE Website and download this guide:

(From: http://elite-real.com/de/downloads)

Download the update tool to update your trainer for ANT+ FE-C protocol.
After the update my RealTour Trainer worked again with Zwift.

For RealTour it is: http://tiny.cc/kqpi8x

I think it’s really stupid that a bug has arisen in Zwift with the last update for ELITE and Ant +.
Before this last Zwift update, everything worked well.