Dropouts with perfect Zwiftalizer ANT+ ANALYSIS ANT+ SIGNAL QUALITY

I finally got my ANT+ to produce a perfect result (see photo) but I am still getting dropouts on my Kickr Gen 1 and cadence sensor. The drops are not being reported in the Zwiftalizer report but I know they are happening because my rider stops and/or the cadence disappears for a few seconds. Functionality always returns after a few seconds but by then, I have either been dropped or failed the interval. Anyone else has a perfect ANT+ SIGNAL QUALITY but still experiencing dropouts?

Odd - have you had a read of your log file around the same time as you get the dropout to see if its recording anything useful to help diagnose?

I read the log file after every ride. I thought dropouts corresponded between what I was experiencing and the log file but now I get zero dropouts on the log file but still have them on the ride.

I wasnt actually meaning searching for dropouts within the log file but other events that are that same time that standout as being inconsistent. Just wild guesses on my part though.

I could not determine any pattern between rides. Sometimes I do not detect a dropout at all. Other times my rider stops for up to 15 seconds. No rhyme or reason to it. If it was just my Kickr, I would blame it, but my cadence meter also drops out (actually more often than the Kickr but less of an issue because it does not impact movement, just cadence speed).

Try riding w/out pairing your cadence sensor. Zwift will estimate your cadence and display said estimate. Furthermore, your Zwift speed has nothing to do w/your cadence. Zwift speed is calculated from your power along w/some other factors such as height, weight, bike selected, etc…

I misspoke. I was referring to power when I said speed.

I tried riding without cadence paired to see what it would do. It didn’t do anything. No cadence displayed. Since I am working on cadence right now, I kinda need to see it.

When your avatar stops, do you see riders around you moving normally and rider list getting updated?

EDIT: and when your avatars stops, does it slow down to a stop or instantly stop?

That log file is only 5 minutes long? :flushed:

That log file looks to perfect do you have other log files.

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You sure about this? I seem to remember that if cadence is not paired, Zwift still displays an estimated cadence. Maybe Zwift changed this behavior. I will double check during my next Zwift session.

I only suggested removing the cadence sensor to determine if it was possibly the problem.

Ah yes, just noticed that. Pulled the file from tonight and it looks like this.

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Possible solutions:

  • Are you using an ANT+ extension cable to get the dongle closer to your trainer and bike?
  • Move your wifi to 5GHz if possible.
  • Try Bluetooth.
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