Drop-Shop dysfunctional

iPhone / iOS latest ver.
Instead of my chosen language it is set Italian, when I changed it, Zwift saved my selection.
When I spent Drops for the „808/Super9“ Wheelset it was not saved till next time starting Zwift, so I am able to buy this kit till I have no Drops left. When I start Zwift after buying the Kit it is replaced by a „new“ Kit (front: Zipp 808; rear: Zwift 32mm Carbon).

Meanwhile I tested it on an OSX 10.14.3, at first the Front: Zipp 808; rear: Zwift 32mm Carbon appeared but the Super 9 set disappeared completely

Yesterday I tried to take somethings from the Garage. I took the canyon ultimate and the Enve 3.4 wheelset (MacOs).
Today When I wanted to Zwit, I was surprised to not found my virtual purchase and I lost my drop points. Any idea about this bugs ?