Drafting with Tron bike


I’m 3/4 the way there to completing the Everest challenge and that means a Tron bike. I saw on the community forum here that you can’t get a draft off this bike, similar to the TT bike. Is that the case?

I hope not as I participate in a lot of group rides and hate to miss the drafting effect riding on this cool bike



You can draft with Tron - good luck unlocking! 

Don’t want to dampen your ambitions, but I thought you only got the Tron bike if you climbed an additional 50,000 metres after completing the Everest challenge (source: http://zwiftblog.com/unlock-the-tron-bike-in-zwift/ )

Jason, I have to admit that I do not feel any difference when drafting with the Tron bike. I know that it feels easier at all times simulating the aero properties but not actually drafting. It might just be me, though.

Steven is right, the real challenge starts when you think you finished it!! 

good luck and ride on!!


As far as I know it’s just the TT bike you can’t draft on:
I have done a fair few races on tron and kept up with pack and didn’t feel any different to any other of the bikes. I could be mistaken but sure you get draft effect. Ride on!

You could be right there.

I have the feeling you get a certain permanent aero advantage with the Tron but no extra on top of this when drafting.

Now, I am a loner and therefore not very good at drafting so I will test this soon.

Also there is the co incidence that I got a new chain and sprocket put on the day after I unlocked the Tron bike and this could be the effect of it. I will try other bikes again and test.

I notice that my avatar never moves to the standing position on the Tron.  It goes however go to a sprinting position at over 5 W/Kg.  Is this due to the constant aero position on the Tron, ie no drops vs hoods?  Thoughts appreciated