Draft Mechanics

I know draft mechanics got tweaked a few updates back, how is everyone finding it?

I find in races, if you hold a steady w/kg, you will gradually drift to the front, however the second you reach the front of the pack, it’s like an air brake gets slammed on, you immediately drop speed and get dumped right to the back of the pack.

It’s actually so severe that I find I have to get out of the saddle sometimes just to not get dropped by the pack I was previously riding with comfortably, despite there being no increase in pack speed.

This can be particularly annoying if you’re already riding at threshold, and just because you accidentally drift to the front for 1 second, suddenly you have to go into the red to not get dropped…?

It’s even more punishing if you try and ease off the watts to avoid going to the front, because you end up at the front anyway, and the speed drop will be even worse, rocketing you off the back even if you pick up the pace as you start to drop back.

Is this intentional to increase ride realism? Do I need to get into the habit of getting out the saddle every time I drift to the front from the moment I start falling back through the pack to avoid getting dropped…?

Can make for interesting race tactics also - if you see your main compeitior drift to the front, lay the hammer down, and if the group reacts to your surge then he’s gonna have some real difficulty staying on as he falls back through the accelerating pack…!

Just let off the power earlier so you don’t get out on the front in the wind. It’ll make your power requirements a little more consistent

Personally I think the washing machine effect is much worse now, particularly in group rides. If you watch some older videos the pack looks far more stable, it’s ridiculous at present with riders randomly flying forward at ludicrous speeds then slowing down instantly, and everyone forcing each other out of the way. Can’t say I’ve particularly noticed any difference in how it ‘feels’ (I know you don’t actually feel anything), it just looks nauseating when the road is busy and particularly given most people are deliberately trying to stay close together in a blob.

I’m all for greater accuracy of positioning data but it feels like it’s gone too far the other way, to the detriment of the overall experience.

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