New pack dynamics - Any improvement?

Has anyone tried the new pack dynamics in a race and has it made any difference?

From the descriptions of it part of the point was to stop the continually rising of speed of the pack, part of the blob effect, that means that very quickly a pack is travelling easily at over 50kph.
This made breaking from the pack almost impossible apart from on fairly steep climbs.

Has it helped with this at all?

Interestingly I have currently ditched Zwift in favour of RGT. The racing there certainly feels more realistic in terms of a true draft effect and ability to escape from the group.
You can also relax a bit more in the larger groups as the draft effect is large, which from real world experience is what it should be like.

Confirmed in a couple of places that drafting (including the ‘sticky draft’) hasn’t been touched. Not intentionally, anyway.

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Yes I’d heard that the draft dynamic hadn’t changed, but the idea was that on the front of the group riders can sort of ride through each other, meaning you get a constant pull at the front. By making riders go round each other and work harder at the front it was supposed to reduce the ridiculously high group speeds.

Often I’m in groups in A races at well over 50-50kph, with most of us only putting in 250w. But if you break you have to do huge watts to even get over 45, meaning you sucked right back in, this discourages any attacks.

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