Downtown Titans free ride not showing full distance?

Just about an hour ago I did the Downtown Titans free ride. I truncated the ride and finished downtown for a distance of 10.2 miles. But my activity feed says I only did 8.82 miles, and it doesn’t mention Downtown Titans at all as the free ride, which it normally does. I do this same ride from time to time, and I always truncate it and finish downtown for just a little over 10 miles. But today my total mileage is shortened. But I know I did the 10.2. I saw it register and save. Is there an issue here?

Why does my activity feed show only 8.82 miles instead of the 10.2 miles I completed on the Downtown Titans free ride, despite regular truncation to finish around 10 miles?

I don’t know. I was told this was an anomaly that is unlikely to reoccur.

This usually means the ride did not save properly