Distance is shorted

Yesterday I did the Downtown Titans free ride. I truncated the ride and finished downtown for a distance of 10.2 miles. But my activity feed says I only did 8.82 miles, and it doesn’t mention Downtown Titans at all as the free ride, which it should and always has. But not this time. I do this same ride from time to time, and I always truncate it and finish downtown for just a little over 10 miles. But today my total mileage is shortened. But I know I did the 10.2. I saw it register and I saved it after reviewing numbers, including the distance. Is there an issue here?

Hey @Randy_Jensen

I took a look into the server side reporting for your ride yesterday and it looks like there was a network drop towards the beginning of the ride that caused a bit of it to not properly record to our servers. From looking at it it looks like a one off event rather than a consistent issue so I wouldn’t expect that you should have issues with it in the future.

Thanks. I hope you’re assessment is correct. This got to be a very frustrating issue a couple years ago. Yesterday when I logged on the ride at issue here was displayed with a note telling me it had not been saved and prompted me to save that earlier ride before I began a new ride. I made the selection to save that ride, then the display did some wanky things, and what was supposed to save didn’t save. So something’s awry. Hope that old frustration doesn’t return.