Confusing and inconsistent distances during group ride

I did a group ride this week and was confused by the distances shown on my screen. First, the distance at the top was different from the one shown on the right, in the group section. These were off by a few tenths, but the difference grew as the ride went on. Neither were accurate when combined with the “to-go” distance for the route we were doing.

Also confusing was that the ride leader was live streaming, so I could see his screen real-time. I was ahead of him during the ride (up to a quarter mile), but the distances on his screen showed that he had gone farther than I had!

In other events I’ve done, all riders in the same group had the same distance. This was also not the case during this ride.

What’s going on here?

Did you receive any explanation? I have the exact same experience.

Nope. Never heard anything.