Downtown Dolphin Run Event Length Discrepancy

This was on the previous version of the ZwiftApp as this occurred right before the update, but I do not believe it was fixed.

On the morning of 15 October 2022 (UTC-7) (on the PC app which was then-current), I ran the Downtown Dolphin route with ZLDR as the 21.1km half marathon event. When I finished the half marathon, Zwift docked almost half a kilometer off of my total distance. To achieve the run distance, I had to do (maybe in the friendly terms of the Radio Tower) “Bonus Run”.

For someone who is already running this amount of distance, it may be amusing, or it may be annoying to see to achieve a reported 21.1km, just to find there’s more to go immediately after crossing the event banner - the distance dropped instantly. More importantly though for something like this, many Zwifters may be upset if they do not notice this, and find that their monthly half-marathon push doesn’t count on Strava.

Please see the screenshot:

It’s definitely still happening:
Right before the event finish for a 21.1km event:

And I’m done with my half marathon! Oh, wait…: