Download glitch!

Been zwifting for a while and now have a new Windows 10 i7 1070 fresh out of the box. All upates are current. Zwift download is fine and then proceeds to the update page. After it updates, nothing happens. Just sits on that page. Also on that page is a 'create an account" box with a “log in” button that doesn’t work. I then close that page, finish the download and when I click on the Zwift desktop icon, it takes me back to the update page (doesn’t update) with the non-functioning ‘log in’ button. I’ve reinstalled Zwift many times, even reset windows without any success. Even tried different browsers. Been using my funky little laptop without a problem. Any ideas? It’s got to be a simple setting in this new computer!

I’ve also disabled firewalls and anti-virus.

Sounds like we need to look at some log files. I’ll open a ticket for you!

I’m having the same issue. Missed my ride yesterday wasting over an hour reinstalling 3 times. What’s the deal?

Same deal here!! wasted a ton of time and still can’t use it!


Same deal here!! wasted a ton of time and still can’t use it!

Found the fix thanks to Jason K !  Zooming in with “Ctrl” and “+” will control the aspect ratio for the page and correct this issue. It all has to do with the display size. Thanks again to the Jason at Zwift!

Update: Zwift support was quick to assist. I had a windows update and disabled my firewall and then no problem updating. Ride on!