Downhill cadence problem with NEO 2T

I have a problem during descents with my NEO 2T, I stop pedaling, the downhill simulator starts, but the cadence in Zwift remains frozen at 70t/m and my avatar does not react. With a separate cadence sensor, it’s the same, apparently the problem comes from Zwift.
In advance thank you

Hi @Christophe_Duret welcome to Zwift forums.
Would you help us troubleshoot by giving us more details? It’s possible that the problem is with the game app, but there are other possible causes. We’d like a few more hints to pursue:

  1. Does the cadence freeze only on downhills? Or also if you stop pedaling on the flats or uphills?
  2. Which world & route specifically did this happen on? Does it occur in other worlds?
  3. I noticed you’re mostly using Apple TV with an occasional use of a Windows computer. Does it happen on both platforms?

First of all, thank you for helping me.
The cadence freezes at 70 t/m and 10W downhill when I stop pedaling (despite the speed accelerating in the game and the avatar continues to advance).
Uphill and flat, as soon as I no longer pedal, the power drops and the avatar stops.
The problem seems only downhill.
I’ve tried several people and it does it every time.
I tested on PC and APPLE TV, it does in both cases.
I tried with an external cadence sensor on my pedal (Garmin ANT) and deconnected that of the HT. The result is the same…
In advance thank you

Thank you for the additional detail. Game bugs tend to be specific to one brand / model of trainer, occur with one computing platform, or in one world / route. When buggy behavior happens in multiple sensors, multiple computing platforms and multiple worlds, it becomes very difficult to reproduce, and we should consider other possible root causes.

This NEO fan group reports that Tacx has a known cadence bug with an October 2019 release of its firmware. It is possible that your Neo 2T might be using this version. Please 1) ask Tacx for the v0.0.019 beta, or 2) roll back to v.0.0.15.

Would you try these options and report back to us? Hopefully that fixes the problem, but we’d like to know even if it does not.

Hello, my HT is up to date (NEO 2T, version 0.32). After investigation, the problem comes that when I stop pedaling, I always have an indicated power of 12W. I need to know why I always have this indicated power …

Have you contacted Tacx, and have they verified with you that firmware version 0.32 fixes these issues?

After reading the reports by Neo2 users on, it may be better to roll back to an older firmware version? Have you tried that?

Firmware .34 is online

NEO 2 power linearity improved (this was also done with NEO2T

NEO 2T idle power fix (downhill corrections in power)

NEO2 linearity fix: means on high speed and low power there was a big difference in wattage. (like when you ride in downhill mode)

NEO2T idle power fix -> When going downhill you were still seeing some wattage when not pedaling (without cycling, like 8 watt)

Ok, but there’s nothing in these release notes that fixed any cadence issues.

This page on tacxfacx specifically offers a workaround to the cadence issue that sounds a lot like what you’re reporting. If you try it, please loop back and let us know if it did or did not resolve your issue.