Dont see group riders

Hi there,

I’ve had several occasions now where I’ve joined a groupride. Even when counting down to the start of the groupride I see the group and then all of a sudden the whole group is gone and I’m on my own. The majority of the time the group is invisible but appears everry now and then. Same happens when the group ride starts. Most of the time I’m riding alone even while I’m part of the group. The other riders appear some times… whats wrong here?

tnx for your help.

Hi Machiel, welcome to the Zwift Forums!

This is typically caused by internet issues. Even if your download speed is good, you may have really high Ping that is causing issues. We recommend using a speed test to determine what your Ping to a server in LA is like. the lower the better, with 50ms or lower being ideal, and over 150ms being when problems start to appear typically.

Additionally, if you have a firewall, VPN, or proxy server, that could also be causing internet issues.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for your help. I turns out I might have had a VPN active when Zwifting last time.
Will switch that off next time and see what happens. My Ping was 15 when checking, Download speed around 250Mbps and upload 25Mbps.

Thanks again.